Open Source VNC Client written in Flash

Maintained by Marco FUCCI

What is FlashLight-VNC ?

Flashlight-VNC is a lightweight VNC client written in Flash.

Use Flashlight-VNC to connect to a VNC server: view remote screen and control mouse and keyboard

Released under GNU General Public License (GPL)v3.0. Dual-license possible.

FlashLight-VNC features

  • Tight encoding support

    Fully compatible with tight encoding

    Tight encoding is the best encoding to use with VNC over the Internet

    Little bandwidth required

  • Native code optimization

    Flashlight-VNC code has been optimized by using as many native functions provided by flash as possible

    Thanks to that, color transfomations and pixels handling require less CPU power

  • Other features

    Hextile, RRE and Raw encodings

    Right-click support

    8, 16 or 24 bits color

    CRT+ALT+DEL support

    VNC repeater support

    FMS repeater support

    peer-to-peer support